he World Gold Council, an association of the world's leading gold producers
dedicated to the promotion of gold.

The World Gold Council is a non-profit association of the world's leading
gold producers, established to promote the use of gold.With headquarters in Geneva,
the Council is represented by a network of offices in the major centres of gold demand
around the world and its promotional activities cover markets representing some
three quarters of the world's annual consumption of gold.

The nature of its work, much of which is in close partnership with the local gold trade
and industry, varies according to the different needs and stages of development of
the countries, and of the forms (jewellery, bars, coins, dentistry, etc.) in which gold is
most commonly sold or held.

The Council's programmes and skilled staff help to improve gold products and distribution
systems, and they provide specialist gold information and economics services to large
holders of gold. Its primary focus in recent years has been on facilitating the removal
of structural impediments to the free flow of gold, thereby encouraging its more
widespread acquisition and retention.

The Council conducts both regional and global market research studies and publishes
information on developments in gold demand, or major gold-related issues.

World Gold Council
13th Floor, Printing House,
6 Duddell street,
Central, Hong Kong.
Telefax: (852) 2810 6038
Telex: 63014 WGCHK
Telephone: (852) 2521 0241
An Association under Swiss Law